About Us

Welcome to UNSW's only wakeboarding and waterskiing club, providing fun for everyone all year round. We are a growing community of both veteran boarders and skiiers, as well as adventurous first-timers wanting to experience the thrill! Even if you've never waterskiied or wakeboarded before, we want you to be part of our club! Now is your chance! Signup today or scroll down for more info.


Everyone is welcome!

No matter your level of experience with boarding or skiing, our club doesn't distinguish. We welcome anyone, even if you never waterskiied or wakeboarded before. Its all about fun and improvement, and helping each other out.


No gear? No worries!

Having your own gear is awesome, but if you don't, there's no reason to worry. We offer a range of both beginner and pro equipment, including vests, wakeboards, waterskis, and more!


Become a driver

If you already own a registered NSW Boat License, only a few simple club assessments stand between you and having driver proficiency. You can even take it to the next level and become a Boat Captain, meaning you decide when you wan't to take the boats out for a spin.


Crazy weekends

Every now and then we organise a weekend trip away down to Cliftonville for what we call 'Crazy Weekends'. The two days are filled with boarding, skiing, food, drinks, games, music and anything else you want to do, plus it's a great way to meet everyone in the club.


Where We Ride

The club skis and boards up at Cliftonville Lodge on the beautiful Hawksbury River. The spot, only an hours drive from the Sydney CBD, has been a prime location for skiers and boarders for many years. The route takes you along some winding roads, arriving at a secluded lakeside area with a cafe, a pool, picnic areas, barbeques, toilet facilities and lodges.

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Membership Info


Student O Week Special: $20
UNSW Students: $40
UNSW Alumni: $200
Public: By invitation only

On the day costs

Green boat (ski boat) runs: $5
White boat (wake boat) runs: $5
Beginner gear is FREE
Advanced gear per run: $2
Park entry: $5


I am not a student/staff/alumni of UNSW, can I still join?
Unfortunately not, the club only accepts student, staff or alumni of UNSW.

How oftern do you ski or board?
We ski and board almost every week all year round.

How do I find out about events and ski days?
Emails are sent prior to the events to all our members, as well as notifications on our facebook page. Signup now to get in the loop.

How do I join?
Simply hit any of the signup links, fill out a few basic details, and you'll be part of our club.